Focus : Kodak : Another casualty of digital revolution

Kodak, once a leading giant in the Photography & Film industry has been reduced to a shadow of its former glory. As long as you are born before the 2000’s, you should know about Film photography. If you don’t, well here’s some background information. A film roll had to be inserted into a camera in order for a picture to be taken. The picture would be “saved” onto the film and you had to go to your local Kodak shop to have the photos developed. The photo quality is nowhere near what we have today and the camera that came with it was usually bulky.

In those days, film was the best you could ever get. This little innovation made Kodak a multi-million dollar business. Kodak eventually become a household name and film cameras were used all around the world. That is until the digital revolution came.

Digital Cameras took over the world. We got our hands on clearer pictures (the more mega pixels your camera had, the better),were able to store pictures in digital formats (no need for film) and the cameras became much more compact. The world lapped up these devices. Kodak unfortunately, bit the dust. And people always wondered how such a giant become obsolete.

Well the reason was simple. Complacency had set in. Kodak refused to move out of its comfort zone.

Kodak cannot deny that they did not see this coming. They were the invented the first digital camera. They knew that the film was going to be a thing of the past. But did they do anything about it? No. They continued to place firm belief in the film. When all their rivals jumped on the bandwagon for Digital cameras, Kodak stood their ground. They felt that with the long history of film, they would never need to change. A mixture of stubbornness and complacency contributed to the downfall of the film giant. The younger generation of today know not of film photography and Kodak but of digital photos and DSLR’s.

So what we can learn from this episode is that we have to learn to step out of our comfort zone. The first steps could be harsh and difficult but if we refuse to budge, we may just end up like Kodak, Broken and Down.



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