Monthly Archives: March 2012

Spiritual Thoughts

No, this isn’t a post to advocate or instill any dogmatic religious thoughts and ideas into you. It’s more of being aware of your surrounding and things.

Watch the 2 video links below, hope this liven your mood and also, make you feel more aware of the things around you! 😀

Have fun! (:



Information Videos

Hello, all! Been missing in action for quite a bit, due to the recent Common Tests and what-not’s.

Well, we are back online! And this time, I would like to share with you some videos that would be useful to you.

I have classified them into categories, for easy referencing. So sit back and enjoy! 😀

Advertising & Consumer Psychology:

Social Networking & Its Impact on the World:
3. (This one is on the Digital Life: Today & Tomorrow)
5. (This one is a bit of a mix classification.)


Water & Poverty:
You may share your thoughts with us, by adding a comment! Have an awesome week ahead! (: